Ladies n Gents! Is it okay for ladies to have hairy armpits such as this? See Photo

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So we know how many health reports have asked us to leave a little hair in some particular regions of our body cause of some certain reasons like, curbing skin irritation, something to do with the sweat gland and all… all those health talk sha.

Well, we stumbled on this photo of a lady who has quite the amount of body hair on her armpit and we were wondering if it is okay to have this much or perhaps it may be nauseating for some.

Honestly, to me, it’s a major turn off – you nko?

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  • I beg to disagree. There is something sexy about hairs in areas God put them. It is for healthy reasons too. For now, clean shave is a trend, the fad will soon stop.

  • Armpit hair on a woman is a MAJOR turn on to me. It subliminally tells men that this female is of age to be sexually active. Also, to me, it is a sign of a woman who labors hard and isn’t overly concerned with appearance. That part of my attraction to it may come from my family’s farming roots. I love a hard working, sweaty woman.

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