Steps on How to Record a Song and Get Signed to a Record Label in Nigeria Quickly 

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Do you have great musical skills and believe you can excel if only you can get signed up to a big record label? Getting signed up by a record label can be a very tough these days, simply because of the high increase in the number of people who wants to make a living as a musician and gain international recognition all over the world!

Steps on How to Record a Song and Get Signed to a Record Label in Nigeria Quickly

However, here are proven steps in which you can follow to get you signed up quickly to any reputable record label of your choice or even get them to approach you directly… Sounds juicy right? ?

Before you approach a record label,

1. Research your competition:

This is the first step, which is very important. You’re absolutely not the first singer who performs a particular genre. Follow the big folks in the game, do a comprehensive research and examine their style of music, their journey to fame, the way they relate to fans, what distinctive efforts they’re putting in to be better and what you could do better .  Learning their songs and creating covers for it will make you improve faster.

2. Be professional at all times

Record labels are generally not interested in pumping money on you just because you have potentials alone.  They’re interested in signing promising talents who are professional at all times and will not tarnish the reputation of the label at any point in time. Be mindful of what you share on social media, say in public and the things you do. May haunt you later in future.

3. Constant practice

No matter how good you are or what great heights may think you’ve attained already, you can always be better. Keep practicing, set new seemingly impossible goals for yourself & don’t stop building yourself. With enough practice, your skills will showcase you professionalism, hardwork and dedication all by itself.

4. Analyze the commercial possibilities of your music

Before you record a song in Nigeria, be sure of how marketable the music will be. Will my grandfather be interested in it? Will people who don’t understand English love it? How about the rest of the world, will they like it? Would youths? Ask yourself these questions and give your preferred audience some thoughts.

5. Get noticed, build your fan base

You can proceed to the next stage which is getting loyal fans, people who love your music, regardless of whether you’re big or not. There are very easy ways to do this,

  • You can start by booking local shows at bars, parties, music shows and so on. Always research who your audiences are before you go for performances so as to avoid negative reactions from your audiences. Don’t plan a large tour until you’re sure you can without any hiccups.
  • Play with similar bands. If there’s a band performing close-by, you can request to join in the performance, or you can even set up your own gig and request other similar musicians to come join.

6. Market your brand on Social Media

It’s very important for you to get on social media, set up a professional account and start marketing your brand. When labels are looking for talents, they’re looking for one’s who have their fan base established already, not ones who are just planning to start from the scratch

7. Save money

When you start performing and money starts rolling in, it’s not time for you to start blasting money and throwing parties yet, it’s time to save. Save as much as you can. If necessary, set up a new account for the band and spend wisely.

8. Take over YouTube

It’s time to start putting up contents you have already on YouTube, for example, recorded videos of your live performances, videos of people performing your songs & more. Set up a channel with your gmail account and spread the word. Share your YouTube video links to your social media accounts too and request that people should subscribe, to get push notifications whenever a new update goes live.

9. Find a studio & book for some time

  • Ensues that you have your original song written and ready to go, then look for a standard studio to book a recording session. Studio costs vary and can be as cheap as N2,000 an hour depending on the standard.
  • Book your studio time with engineers and producers. Knowing your songs in & out will make it easy for you to record effortlessly. Ensure you don’t record on equipments you’re unfamiliar with.
  • Record your best original song. This is what is earning you the recognition you need. It’s not a time to start freestyling to songs, record your best-known songs and make it great.

10. Share & distribute your music

Now, your demo is ready & it’s time to get famous. Shoes your music to big music platforms you already know and are generally acceptable. Examples are Boomplay Music, Mtn Music Plus, Apple Music, So it if you and more, or even get aggregators to distribute for you.

11. Approach Record labels

Now that your music is up, it’s time to research for the best record labels who are likely going to be interested in you & your music. Reach out to them by sending them emails, phone calls and more. Don’t stop trying until you strike it lucky.

12. Congratulations, you just joined a record label

What do you do next? Hire a manager. Managers know the in and outs of the industry and are always after the success of their clients. If you’re already successful or you’re becoming successful, you should think of hiring a manager.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly use the comments section if you love these tip & we do hope you get signed up quickly by a reputable record label

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