Solution to Facebook Page Admin Account Deleted (Original Creator)

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Have you been asking, what happens if the only account used as an administrator on a Facebook page gets deleted, what next, what should you do! I’ll share you my own experience, based on a true life story. So I created a Facebook page back in 2011. Built this page from the scratch till it started gaining serious & massive engagements online. As at May 2015, this page had over 198k likes then but I had moved the main administrator access from my main account, to another dummy account which people do not know, for security sake, not knowing that Facebook frowns at such act.

facebook page admin account deleted

So what happened?

On one fateful morning, I got a notification from Facebook, telling me that my account has been deactivated but the only way to restore the account was to use a valid means of Identification. I couldn’t provide this within a month, and suddenly, I just discovered that I couldn’t login to the account, couldn’t even try to access the account, cos it has been deleted permanently by Facebook, mind you, this was the main admin account for my page.

So what did I do?

I wrote Facebook support countless times, with proofs of ownership of the page but all proved abortive. In a chat with one of their representatives, I got to discover that such issues can not be solved by the Facebook team because once your admin account gets deleted, it’s gone! So nothing could be done. A Facebook page with 198k likes with no admin but editors.

How did I manage to keep the page running!

I was careful managing the page, putting in mind that any mistake could actually make me lose the page forever! I did everything possible, but eventually, the unexpected happened! The page was unpublished by Facebook due to one of the posts my editors made and so I needed an admin access to republish which is impossible due to the permanent deletion of the page.

Here is what you can do if you’re in my shoes but you page hasn’t been unpublished yet!

  1. Ensure that all posts made on the page are well written and not controversial
  2. Always ensure that your posts do not violate any of Facebook’s policies
  3. Do not publish posts every time, ensure you space your posts accordingly
  4. Be careful of the kind of people you allow publish contents on your page

Please note that any mistake you do on this page can actually make you lose your page permanently. Avoid costly mistakes and be safe.

Kindly share your experiences in the comments section below!

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