How to know a man who is going to cheat on you

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Interestingly, how good-looking your partner thinks they are is almost as important as how attractive they actually are. The more attractive we feel, the more likely we are to find infidelity appealing.

How much opportunity does he have to meet people and get away with cheating?

If your partner works in a same s*£x office with little interaction with new people, they have low temptation and opportunity to cheat. The partner who works for a large company and has a job that involves constantly meeting new people has more temptation than others.

If they also travel for work, there are more opportunities to sleep with other people and not be found out.

How much daily contact do you have with your partner?

How many times a day do you check in on each other and how do you make that contact?

If you’re texting a few times throughout the day, with at least one or two phone calls as well, it’s harder for a partner to get away with cheating. This is because it is very possible to pick up a lot about someone’s emotional state when you listen to their voice. The better you know your partner’s routine and whereabouts, the less likely he is to think he could get away with cheating.

How close are you?

A disturbing fact is that most reputable studies have found the majority of people who commit adultery are happy in their lives and relationships. A Rutgers University study found 56 per cent of men and 34 per cent of women who had affairs were happy with their partners.

So, knowing your partner is happy doesn’t mean they won’t cheat; but if you’re in a very close relationship, you’re much more likely to instinctively know something is wrong.

How well do you know his friends?

Eighty-five per cent of cheating is with a co-worker, friends and neighbours.

It’s also true that people are less likely to have an affair with a work colleague if they’ve met their partners: it’s very easy to pretend someone’s single if you’ve never seen evidence to the contrary. The more of your partner’s friends and colleagues you know, the more visible your relationship is to other people who may fancy them.

How much does he drink?

Studies say men who drink no more than the recommended weekly total are 82 per cent less likely to commit adultery than heavy drinkers. Excessive drinking makes us lose judgement, relaxes inhibitions and creates the infamous ‘beer goggles’, making us fancy people we wouldn’t be interested in when we are sober.

If your partner drinks heavily with his or her friends or workmates without you around, this is a flashing red light.


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