How to know a man who is going to cheat on you

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While it is rather difficult to say for sure whether or not your man is capable of cheating, the following are the tell-tale signs that should tip you off…

Was he with someone else when you met?

Experts believe that if a man only walked away from a partner after he met you, the probability is that he would cheat on you with someone as times goes on.

This is because men like that tend to be in more dysfunctional relationships, make less reliable mates and are less satisfied and committed than people who were single and available when you met, experts warn.

How often are you having s*£x?

Most people assume if they’re still having lots of s*£x with their partner, it means they’re not getting it elsewhere. Wrong.

While low or no s*£x does make it more likely for your partner to cheat, men particularly often become hyperactive s*£xually when they start having an affair.

It’s change that you should be on the alert for: if your partner suddenly wants a lot more s*£x with you for no apparent reason, chances are their s*£x drive has been awakened by someone else, experts say.

Has he stopped watching pornographic films/photographs?

A survey by found that half of the 1,400 men they polled stopped watching porn completely while they were having affairs.

Did any of his parents have an affair?

You would think that a child who had witnessed a parent having an affair and being found out would make them less likely to cheat. The reality is sometimes the opposite.

Psychologists say while it’s not a conscious choice, it does happen that the child grows into an adult who abhors cheating but finds himself doing it. Ideally, your partner should have happy, faithful parents.

Has he cheated before?

The ‘once a cheat, always a cheat’ belief has truth to it. And it’s worse if your partner has a history of cheating, because he’ll continue doing it. A true serial cheater has no moral compass and will often see nothing wrong with being unfaithful.

Other people cheat in relationships they aren’t committed to or aren’t happy in, others have affairs in retribution for a partner who cheated. Find out why he cheated. Then ask yourself if you can live with it.

How good looking is he?

A Harvard University study revealed that being good looking was ‘a relationship liability.’ A relationship with someone attractive is definitely more vulnerable to threats than one with someone who isn’t so appealing, especially if you’re going through a rough patch.

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