Rape!!! Help,am confused.

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        What do you do when you are Rape,when faced with circumstances beyond your reach? What do you do when you are faced with a Life of constant throwback and constant seback?  Well, Rape is not an end of life. Little did you know that not only ladies suffers Rape, Guys do to.  But many at times Rape victims do not do anything after they are being Raped. What they do is go back to a their daily lives and continue. They tend to change, have a low self esteem, insecurities and many more.
Are you a victim? Lets get down to business. What to do when you are just being raped:
1. Tell someone what has happened:  Once you are out of danger, tell the first person you see what has happened or contact someone you know and trust and tell them the whole story while it is fresh in your mind. Although this can be difficult, it is very important because this person can help with the police investigation and later support your story in court. They are known as the first contact witness. It is not ok to keep mute. yes, it is ok to be frightened and it is ok to be scared but look for someone immediately yo talk to.
2.  Get to the nearest Hospital or Health care centre. Medical care is important after a sexual assault. You can go to the emergency room or you may be able to go to your Hospital or health center.The doctors and nurses who take care of people after sexual assault are usually specially trained. They know how to be gentle, caring, and sensitive. They will:
  • Examine you to see if you were harmed in any way
Give you medical care that may include emergency contraception (if there is a risk of pregnancy), tests for STDs, and medicine to help prevent HIV (post-exposure prophylactics).
3. Get help from an expert, a counselor,psychiatrist or a psychologist:  The Stand to end Rape organisation offers a 24-hour, 7-day a week hotline. They can tell you about your options and connect you with local resources. A nearest Hospital in your area can help you find a doctor or nurse, counselor, and other support. Your nearest health center may also be able to help.
 4. No matter what, remember that what happened wasn’t your fault.Sometimes people think it’s their fault if the attacker is a friend, family member, or person they were dating. It’s still not your fault in any of those situations. Even if you started doing something sexual with this person but didn’t want to continue and they forced you anyway, it’s still not your fault. What you were wearing or drinking or how you were acting doesn’t make it your fault. You didn’t ask for this and you didn’t deserve it.
It can take a lot of time to feel safe again after abuse or sexual assault. Talking to a therapist or counselor who’s trained to work with sexual assault, abuse. and rape survivors can really help. So can connecting with other people who have been through the same thing, like a support group or with people you already know.
You’re not alone. Unfortunately, many people experience sexual abuse, assault, or rape at some point in their lives. You can get through this — and there are people who can help.
You are free to Email us.


Sources: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/teens/bullying-safety-privacy/sexual-assault-abuse-rape







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